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Nothing quite says vacation like a trip to the seaside. The sea is central to all things Maine, from food and recreation to art and business. When visiting Maine, the best way to experience the culture and to have a full experience and understanding of what it means to be from Maine, is to rent a seaside cottage. Cottages are available in a variety of sizes, prices, and for different durations of time. In all season, a seaside vacation cottage is one of the best places to retreat to in Maine.

The seaside vacation cottage has many advantages. To be situated within walking distance of the beach ensures that there will never be a dull moment. It’s impossible to get cabin fever when stepping right outside of your cottage provides you access to the beauty of the Maine coast as well as the downtown boardwalks that exist in a majority of the seaside Maine towns. Enjoy restaurants, small shops filled with local artisan’s work, local art galleries and theatres along the seaside.

If you feel as though your life has become bogged down with the demands of daily life, and you are in need of a stress relieving getaway, renting a seaside vacation cottage is the thing to do. For centuries, doctors have recommended that those in poor health stay at the seaside, and for good reason. The natural beauty of the ocean and the fresh salt air are good for the body and soul! So if you are unsure as to where you would like to plan your Maine vacation, think no further, take a visit to the seaside.

Seaside cottages provide visitors with the best of both worlds. With a cottage, you can enjoy the Maine coast as a visitor while at the same time experience the benefit of all the comforts of home. Cottages provide visitors with all the amenities necessary for carrying out everyday life, like a full kitchen and laundry facilities. However, many cottages also provide housekeeping which takes the work out of the equation, allowing visitors to truly relax. Seaside cottages also come suited to all group sizes and budgets. Most renters are also extremely flexible with rental times and will rent properties out for as short of a time as a week and for as long as a whole season. The perfect cottage truly does exist for every Maine vacationer.

For a truly relaxing getaway, and rich vacation experience, choose from Maine’s great variety of seaside vacation cottages. With cottages to match every possible kind of visitor, you simply can’t go wrong with a seaside vacation cottage. Begin your research today to guarantee a fun and enjoyable vacation.

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